The Museum of Hoaxes
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This forum was always a bit jerry-rigged. I cobbled it together from software that wasn't designed to run a forum. Then, in 2005, I bought some real forum software, closed this forum, and tried to get everyone to move over to the new forum. But this forum refused to die entirely. So although no one can post new topics here, some of the old threads remain active.

Old Museum of Hoaxes Forum ... Psychology Category

Topics Started By Most Recent Comment Replies Category
What is Neo-Tech???
Chuck Jun 12, 2011 136 Prophecy-Psychic, Psychology, Religion, Science, Technology
Subliminal Peripheral Vision Psychosis
Myst Feb 19, 2011 61 Psychology
Psychopath Test
The Curator Mar 02, 2010 39 Psychology
Women, IQ and Marriage
Razela Apr 03, 2007 43 Psychology, Romance
Subliminal Messages???
Evildream Dec 26, 2005 64 Psychology
Avatar Study
Snowy Aug 01, 2005 13 Psychology
Subliminal sunglasses
Smerk Jul 28, 2005 9 Fashion, Psychology
Draw a pig and analyse your personality
LaMa Jul 19, 2005 24 Animals, Art, Psychology
Dream Interpreter
X May 19, 2005 6 Psychology
How to make someone come out of a Coma
X Apr 07, 2005 46 Health, News-Story, Psychology
The Montauk Superman
X Mar 04, 2005 17 Military-Weapons, Psychology
Mercritis Outbreaks
Nicholas Feb 19, 2005 37 Psychology
Fertile Ground for Hoaxes
fernando Feb 03, 2005 4 Psychology
Free Fortune Telling! Know Your Future!!
Snowy 317 Psychology