The Museum of Hoaxes
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This forum was always a bit jerry-rigged. I cobbled it together from software that wasn't designed to run a forum. Then, in 2005, I bought some real forum software, closed this forum, and tried to get everyone to move over to the new forum. But this forum refused to die entirely. So although no one can post new topics here, some of the old threads remain active.

Old Museum of Hoaxes Forum ... Journalism Category

Topics Started By Most Recent Comment Replies Category
Joey Skaggs: “Best Time to Mess With the Media”
aka_donna Apr 07, 2005 1 April-Fools-Day, Journalism, News-Story
redfaced BBC
Don_Rockard Dec 04, 2004 1 Journalism, Pranks
US uses networks to lie
Hairy Houdini Dec 01, 2004 3 Journalism, Politics
Real Paper Or Not?
Hairy Houdini Oct 14, 2004 2 Journalism
Bush memos - looks like a hoax
Matt Sep 22, 2004 13 Journalism, Politics