The Museum of Hoaxes
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This forum was always a bit jerry-rigged. I cobbled it together from software that wasn't designed to run a forum. Then, in 2005, I bought some real forum software, closed this forum, and tried to get everyone to move over to the new forum. But this forum refused to die entirely. So although no one can post new topics here, some of the old threads remain active.

Old Museum of Hoaxes Forum ... Conspiracy-Theory Category

Topics Started By Most Recent Comment Replies Category
Titanic Never Sank!
Salami Origami Sep 13, 2011 155 Conspiracy-Theory
Paul Mcartney is dead
Paul is dead Aug 08, 2011 215 Conspiracy-Theory, Music
British JFK Game
Maegan Mar 01, 2009 35 Conspiracy-Theory, Technology
the conspiracy
hbox Nov 29, 2008 33 Conspiracy-Theory
Pentagon Plane
Jim Aug 25, 2007 38 Conspiracy-Theory
Dusty Girl is missing!
Captain Al Oct 04, 2005 22 Conspiracy-Theory
2000 and 2004 Elections Stolen?
BugbearSloth Mar 30, 2005 4 Conspiracy-Theory, Politics, Technology
What really hit the pentagon?
mooo1 Mar 25, 2005 69 Conspiracy-Theory
What was Bush wired on at the debates??
bigfuzzybear Dec 21, 2004 18 Conspiracy-Theory, Politics
Bush’s mystery Bulge
Joe Nov 24, 2004 8 Conspiracy-Theory, Politics
Jared Nov 23, 2004 2 Conspiracy-Theory, Politics
Does anyone remember this book promotion?
Julia Oct 10, 2004 3 Conspiracy-Theory, Website-Hoax
Chem trails by Airplanes Hoax
The Curator 0 Conspiracy-Theory, Technology