The Museum of Hoaxes
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This forum was always a bit jerry-rigged. I cobbled it together from software that wasn't designed to run a forum. Then, in 2005, I bought some real forum software, closed this forum, and tried to get everyone to move over to the new forum. But this forum refused to die entirely. So although no one can post new topics here, some of the old threads remain active.

Old Museum of Hoaxes Forum ... Art Category

Topics Started By Most Recent Comment Replies Category
Nathalia Edenmont aka killing animals for art
sam Feb 18, 2009 180 Animals, Art
Pig wing art project
Euel Nov 27, 2007 3 Art, Body-Modification
LaMa Jul 26, 2007 5 Animals, Art, Photos-Videos
Popular Shakespeare painting a hoax
Rita Oct 30, 2005 29 Art, History
Naomi Jelish
Simon Bird Sep 14, 2005 1 Art
Draw a pig and analyse your personality
LaMa Jul 19, 2005 24 Animals, Art, Psychology
Brazilian doctors uncover ‘Michelangelo code’
Charybdis Jun 19, 2005 9 Art, Religion
Prankster infiltrates NY museums
Charybdis May 23, 2005 10 Art, Pranks
Artists put cow on 10 storey building
Winona Apr 24, 2005 3 Art
A hoax project
Tom Dec 06, 2004 5 Art, Photos-Videos
Linda Cinti’s Cactus Project
Sabrina P Dec 01, 2004 2 Art
And the Sun Set over the Adriatic
Jeremy 0 Art