The Museum of Hoaxes
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This forum was always a bit jerry-rigged. I cobbled it together from software that wasn't designed to run a forum. Then, in 2005, I bought some real forum software, closed this forum, and tried to get everyone to move over to the new forum. But this forum refused to die entirely. So although no one can post new topics here, some of the old threads remain active.

Old Museum of Hoaxes Forum ... April-Fools-Day Category

Topics Started By Most Recent Comment Replies Category
Neopets adds 50 new Neopets
Myst Dec 01, 2011 33 April-Fools-Day
Toyota or Toy Yoda?
Winona Jun 14, 2011 21 April-Fools-Day
April fools
thunder Sep 14, 2006 33 April-Fools-Day
Winona Apr 19, 2005 9 April-Fools-Day
Google Copernicus Center is hiring
Winona Apr 18, 2005 3 April-Fools-Day
Joey Skaggs: “Best Time to Mess With the Media”
aka_donna Apr 07, 2005 1 April-Fools-Day, Journalism, News-Story
Museum of Hoaxes - Measure of Greatness…
Mark-N-Isa Apr 02, 2005 22 April-Fools-Day
Unknown Country’s got a Million of ‘em
Rod Apr 01, 2005 2 April-Fools-Day
The Times April Fool Joke
Nick Apr 01, 2005 4 April-Fools-Day
U.S. Dog Owners Fear Arrival of Africanized Fleas
Myst Apr 01, 2005 2 April-Fools-Day
Scientific American Gives Up on Evolution vs. Creationism(April 2005 issue)
Winona Apr 01, 2005 2 April-Fools-Day
Brittania Takeover of Wikipedia
Winona Apr 01, 2005 1 April-Fools-Day
April Fools Prank
Eric the Lumberjack Apr 01, 2005 19 April-Fools-Day
Evildream Mar 28, 2005 1 April-Fools-Day
Best & Worst featured daily link on I Am
Winona Mar 25, 2005 1 April-Fools-Day
Has anyone else seen this?  Mikey’s DEAD!
Rod Mar 11, 2005 7 April-Fools-Day
War of the worlds
Richard Haas Sep 17, 2004 2 April-Fools-Day
Astronomy Picture of the Day- Water On Mars
Myst 0 April-Fools-Day
Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq
Winona 0 April-Fools-Day
GMail announces Infinity +1 Storage Per User
Winona 0 April-Fools-Day
Think Geeks’s Ap. Fools
Winona 0 April-Fools-Day
Google Gulp
Chris 'Crispy' Philpot 0 April-Fools-Day, Website-Hoax
Orion’s Crystal
Eric Berlin 0 April-Fools-Day, Tall-Tale