The Great Disappointment of 1843

William Miller prophesied in 1831 that the world would end on April 3, 1843. Over the next decade he managed to gain thousands of followers who believed in his prophecy. The New York Herald printed his prophecies, mainly for the purpose of ridiculing them. Nevertheless, many waited nervously during April, 1843, fearing that the world really would end. Some people even sold all their property and put their worldly affairs in order. When the world didn't come to an end, Miller then revised the date of the apocalypse to March 22, 1844, and once again some believed him. When, once again, the world did not end, Miller revised the date a second time to October 22, 1844. Finally, on October 23, 1844 the Millerites began to doubt their leader. Rejecting his date-setting predictions, they split from him to found a separate Adventist Church.

William Miller