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I really liked your site. These things have interested me ever since I read "Popular Delusions and The Madding of Crowds". I believe it was Hitler who said "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it".
I'm sort of an amateur Cook detractor. He faked climbing Mt. McKinley, faked traveling to the Pole, and later went to prison for mail fraud. He was a vile little con artist. Here is some of my unbalanced material about him:
I'm too tired to write at the present. But I'm starting a website for the crooked doctor.
There are books supporting his claim - but they are all ridiculous. "The Case for Dr. Cook", "Winner Lose All". Mostly people attack Peary because he was aloof and disdainful of ordinary folks. But the SOB actually reached the Pole.
Its just that the damn press printed Cook's unsubstantiated claims from a telegram - the rest was a media frenzy. Poor Peary and his expedition came back to civilization only to be greeted as the second man to reach the Pole!
Cook was a real SOB. He ruined the glory owed to the 1909 expedition. His daughter funded a trust which to this day promotes Cook.
Posted By: Verne
June 22, 2000