Drunk Girl in Public

In October, a viral video documented the numerous catcalls a young woman had to endure as she walked through the streets of New York City. Several weeks later, a video response (created by a different production company) showed a similar, but even more extreme "social experiment." It followed a woman as she pretended to be drunk and stumbled down Hollywood Boulevard. A series of men were shown approaching her and, taking advantage of her condition, trying to convince her to go home with them. The video soon had over 7 million views. But whatever significance the video might have had as a social experiment fell apart when it came to light that the entire thing had been staged. The men had been asked to participate and given their lines, told it was for a comedic, hidden-camera skit. The actress in the video also subsequently apologized for her participation, explaining that when she had been hired she had been told the video was for a "lighthearted prank show."


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