Cardiff Giant Haiku (Submitted by Hoax Museum visitors)
Whatever you do,
Don’t call him jolly or green.
It’ll make him mad.
(by AB)
Made for cash or pride
He’s a man-made Man of stone
Guess who’s the fool now
(by Daniel Sheggrud)
"The Bible's not true!"
Cardiff Giant scoffs aloud
(But he is so stoned)
(by DKE)
A giant of stone
Found buried in the ground
A hoax by George Hull
(by J)
People keep coming
For imagination's sake
They want to believe
(by Bill Ectric)
What of this giant?
Why is he so curious?
He is simply stoned.
(by Evan Olcott)
So many people
came to see the giant man
but he was not real.
(by Emily Dellenbaugh)