Pope Joan Haiku (submitted by Hoax Museum visitors)
My girlfriend thinks she's
always right — infallible —
just because she's Pope.
(by AB)
Oh what a surprise!
Pope is different to most
John is really Joan
(by sharruma)
Powerful priestess,
who ruled in guise of a man,
birth was your downfall
(by psyche_ky)
Is Pope Joan laughing?
Rebirth to all is sacred;
Birth to one is sin.
(by rhia)
Accepted as man
Proving more than mere Pope
A lady unknown
(by Cameo Shavell)
One question remains,
Enquiring minds must know:
Who is the father?
(by Brad)
Mother of one child -

Leading millions of faithful
Which is the harder?
(by Lynsioux)
Courageous woman!
Procreates as Cath'lics must.
Impugned. . . . Pope no more!
(by Hope De Cleene)
That's how it was then
Woman was door to hell
unless nun Or Mum
(by sara)
Joan the Antipope
Could not have made true bishops
or binding statements.
(by Dano)
Pope Joan is a myth,
perpetuated by fools,
and anti-Cath'lics.
(by Joseph Earnest)
What a story
so full of interesting lore
idiots bicker forevermore.
(by Jeff Hoaxworthy)
John was no angel
Quickly nursery plans were made
Plan B needed here!
(by #1F)
Pope Joan, beauty queen
as vibrant as a rainbow
always in our hearts
(by Imogen bowers)
Pope Joan, what a gal
was she real or was she not?
don't fight about it
(by Imogen 'the ripper' Bowers)