image The Tripodero lives in areas of dense brush and undergrowth, hunting for birds and other small animals that are its main source of food. When it sees some prey, the tripodero slowly extends its legs, just as the legs of a photographer's tripod can be extended, thereby raising its body above the brush. When it has a clear line of sight, the tripodero then shoots a mud pellet (a supply of which it stores in its left cheek) out of its blowgun-like snout. It rarely misses. Once the prey is stunned, the tripodero can consume it at its leisure. The tripodero is usually reported as having two legs, rather like a bird, and a kangaroo-like tail that it uses to balance itself while aiming. However, four-legged varieties of the Tripodero have also been seen. These lack the long tail. When its legs are not extended, the Tripodero can move quite rapidly through the brush.

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Hey, don't foget the Inflatable Hedgehog!

Inflatable hedgehogs live in Africa, and when threatened, the blow up to twice the size of a beachball!
Posted by Meerkat  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  10:13 AM
The inflatable hedgehod is called the Rubberado. I think that's what you're talking about. I have it on my list of creatures to add. Over the course of the next month I plan to add about 70 new ones.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  10:18 AM
No, Alex, it's not the Rubberado, because the Inflatable Hedgehog is real, and the Rubberado is not. IHs are studied by cryptozoology, and Rubberados are not. The IHs don't bounce, they expand by gulping air and have specialized muscles that strain and force the body to expand. IHs are brown, not beachball colored. Inflating is a defensive technique for them. I have not heard of any side effects of eating IH meat.
Posted by Meerkat  on  Sun Aug 20, 2006  at  09:19 AM
What is on the list alex?I hope it includes mountain walrus,Manhattan mottled roach, rock nest monster,sea monk miraj (yellow carnivourous Asian jackalope) and tartary lamb!
Posted by J  on  Sun Oct 01, 2006  at  01:00 PM
The inflatable hedgehog is mongolian and can expand to the size of a large tent. Or thats what I heard.
Posted by J  on  Sun Oct 01, 2006  at  01:04 PM
Telescopic legs!
How on earth did that evolve?
Because it's made-up!
Posted by J  on  Mon Nov 20, 2006  at  01:44 PM
Rustling sound in bush
Legs stretch above undergrowth
Mud pellets fly
Posted by J  on  Sat Apr 07, 2007  at  04:42 AM
Looks like something from the movie "Yellow Submarine".
Posted by ZeldaQueen  on  Mon Mar 02, 2009  at  07:27 AM
There was a beast Tripodero
who uses mud like an arrow.
Whatever the season
Food is the reason
For the strange Tripodero.

A haiku just did not do the wonderous Tripodero justice. My son and I thought a limerick much more poetically effective.
Posted by Jen and Dan  on  Tue Dec 29, 2009  at  07:54 AM