Tree Squeaks

These little squirrel-like creatures inhabit the trees of New England, living on berries and fruit. Since their skin is bark-colored, they're almost impossible to see. In addition, they wrap themselves tightly around tree-trunks, concealing themselves further. But they're quite easy to hear. Walk around in the woods and it's almost impossible not to notice their high-pitched cries. When a strong wind is blowing they get especially excited and squeak at each other even more loudly. At such times, the locals are fond of saying, "The tree squeaks are making quite a racket today." Tree Squeaks are usually quite placid and pose no threat to humans. However, after extended dry spells they have been known to become aggressive.

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Tree hugging tree squeek
why do you squeek so loudly
hush I cannot think.
Posted by J  on  Thu Oct 05, 2006  at  01:14 PM
Squeeks up in the trees
Nothing to be seen above
But bark-skinned tree squeek
Posted by J  on  Sun Nov 26, 2006  at  12:11 PM
Sometimes comments are better than articles. In this case, no they are NOT! Dora Coloring
Posted by me  on  Thu Jan 15, 2009  at  10:43 PM
wrong. Appreciated, J.
Posted by you  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  08:19 PM
We are at the southern edge of the Tree Squeek's range. Though uncommon they are still, none the less, known in the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge. Many a camper have I had to warn away from areas where Tree Squeeks nest (the mothers can be quite protective of their young)Imagine my horror to learn my own husband (from Minnesota) had never heard of them! Or my poor city bred co-worker who parked at work at night under a nest.
Posted by anita  on  Sun Jan 19, 2014  at  12:12 AM