Giant Roosters

The giant rooster is not a distinct species, but rather a mutant, oversized version of the common rooster. It's not clear what makes them so big. Maybe it's the food they eat, or something in the air. Maybe it's radiation. Whatever the reason, giant roosters have been a frequent subject of photographs from the beginning of the twentieth century onwards. Many of these photographs have been sent as postcards. During the drought years of the Great Depression midwestern farmers seemed to enjoy sending postcards of giant roosters (and other giant-sized livestock and produce) to their friends and relatives back east. These postcards were frequently captioned: "They grow 'em big here!"


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now that's a big cock, if you know what i mean 😉 ( NUDGE, NUDGE )
Posted by leupgaru  in  hellholecreek, brisbane, AU.  on  Fri Jun 29, 2012  at  04:19 PM
The last pic : The guy is with his horse, and the rooster is just an enlarged cutpice.
Posted by DM  on  Fri Feb 01, 2013  at  03:26 AM
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