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Giant Roosters
The giant rooster is not a distinct species, but rather a mutant, oversized version of the common rooster. It's not clear what makes them so big. Maybe it's the food they eat, or something in the air. Maybe it's radiation. Whatever the reason, giant roosters have been a frequent subject of photographs from the beginning of the twentieth century onwards. Many of these photographs have been sent as postcards. During the drought years of the Great Depression midwestern farmers seemed to enjoy sending postcards of giant roosters (and other giant-sized livestock and produce) to their friends and relatives back east. These postcards were frequently captioned: "They grow 'em big here!"

its so obvious that these are all fake...........cant anyone else see that??
Posted by dont worry  in  -  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  02:25 AM
Hence their location on a hoax website...
Posted by Noah's Cat  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  06:19 AM
Your coloured photo shows my neighbour, Robert "Slim" Pickins, proudly displaying his giant rooster, "Big Boy". This photo is real because my father took this about 4 years ago. Being his neighbour, I used to feed and water all his chickens during the summer when he holidayed at his brother's in the States. It was on rare occasion that they got nasty. I still carry the deep scar on my left bum cheek when I moved too slow while feeding them. My Mum said that would be the last time to help him. She was right.
Posted by Jason Matika  in  Rickersville, ON Canada  on  Fri Sep 17, 2004  at  04:37 AM
Giant Rooster Haiku:

OMG! Tell me,
Have you ever seen before
Guys with such huge cocks?
Posted by andychrist  on  Tue Nov 07, 2006  at  08:53 AM
Giant cockerel
Don't know why all I know is
They'd make a huge roast!
Posted by J  on  Mon Nov 20, 2006  at  03:30 PM
Texas Rooster--not!
McD's supersized this lot!
You too grow and crow.
Posted by #1F  in  NNVA  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  09:05 PM
In Harpers magaizine there was an article about a German director, Warner Herzog (I might have misspelled that). There was a footnote about how he had travelled across America searching for the largest rooster he could find. Finally he found a 32 pound rooster. Then he found a horse that was two feet tall, and tried to convince the horse's owner to let him film the horse (whose name was Frank) being chased around the largest sequoia tree in the world by the rooster, while being ridden by a midget. Frank's owner refused. I have no idea if this story is true, but it sound like something Herzog would do.
Posted by bob  on  Fri Dec 29, 2006  at  08:26 PM
Postcards of that time frequently show oversized versions of chickens,fish,vegetables and such as a way to cheer themselves and others up by showing that people still had a living,even though they often knew they were fake.Its hardly suprising that more modern versions,still faked but more realistic,turn up.
Posted by J  on  Wed Mar 21, 2007  at  04:10 AM
I hope that Jason Matika is telling the truth because if he isn't he can get in serious trouble. I hope hes heard about the guy on wikipedia who edited the page saying that he was so and so and had info. Because even the the site is museumofhoaxes that doesnt mean he can lie. smile
Posted by veronica  on  Sun Apr 29, 2007  at  06:16 PM
man omg for all humanity get a life
Posted by Jerad Overturf  in  New Boston, Texas  on  Mon Oct 22, 2007  at  12:17 PM
excaim mmm...giant mutated meat.....wonder how long it would take to cook? lol
Posted by matthew  in  area 51  on  Fri Nov 02, 2007  at  08:23 PM
3 foot rooster in Georgia in 1941
Posted by Don Paulk  in  Alabama  on  Wed Nov 14, 2007  at  05:11 AM
i wish i had one 2 bad its fake
Posted by j-rida  in  da hood  on  Wed Nov 14, 2007  at  11:13 AM
Posted by kieth burns  in  alaska  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  10:49 AM
big surprise
i heart big cock.
Posted by jill diez  in  Uranus  on  Tue Oct 21, 2008  at  10:51 AM
Posted by ludachris  in  da hood  on  Sun Dec 07, 2008  at  05:34 PM
the huevos are in proportion to the cock
Posted by toaster  on  Thu Dec 25, 2008  at  04:06 PM
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Posted by Computers Software  in  Toronto  on  Fri Feb 20, 2009  at  12:39 AM
I think it's a fake
Posted by Kati  in  germany  on  Sun Mar 01, 2009  at  05:59 PM
hello, does anyone know the real author (origin) of the coloured photo?
Posted by mike  in  Slovakia  on  Thu Mar 05, 2009  at  10:10 AM
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Posted by thongs  in  USA  on  Tue Apr 21, 2009  at  10:49 AM
got what I was looking for to put on my school report
Posted by Beauty  in  USA  on  Thu Apr 23, 2009  at  09:34 AM
That is a fake Rooster for sure smile
Posted by gold  in  USA  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  06:39 AM
I believe this aspect is growing everywhere as business owners learn what it is. For example, Phoenix is much more sophisticated in this regards than here in Tucson. I average small business owner is still way behind in their understanding such incidents.
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Posted by hgh  in  USA  on  Fri May 08, 2009  at  08:58 AM
I Think That's My Cock wink
Posted by Itchweeed  in  England  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  05:12 AM
;0 fake
Posted by normal  in  michigan  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  10:25 AM
its not fake it doesn't look it eathier plus its posable too have a rooster that big
Posted by Sam m  on  Wed Apr 28, 2010  at  10:39 AM
Posted by bethany  in  new zealand  on  Thu May 13, 2010  at  09:36 AM
I saw one of these on my trip to Mount Rorirama after seeing a Megalosaurus kill an Iguanodon. I also saw a Hodag on the way up to the summmit, where I saw the two Dinosaurs and eventually this. Other creatures I saw were a Pteranodon and vicious savages.
Posted by Dinosaur65  on  Sat Mar 26, 2011  at  06:36 AM
I read article but still not believed that a big hen was in real.
Posted by robbie addison  in  Chicago  on  Wed Jul 20, 2011  at  09:21 AM
now that's a big cock, if you know what i mean wink ( NUDGE, NUDGE )
Posted by leupgaru  in  hellholecreek, brisbane, AU.  on  Fri Jun 29, 2012  at  06:19 PM
The last pic : The guy is with his horse, and the rooster is just an enlarged cutpice.
Posted by DM  in  India  on  Fri Feb 01, 2013  at  05:26 AM
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