Manchurian Miniature Water Buffalo

The Manchurian Miniature Water Buffalo is a dwarf species of buffalo that only stands a few inches tall, fully grown. It is recorded that Emperor Hi Lee Sung kept one in his garden for 47 years. More recently this species has been rumored to be extinct, though it is possible they are being secretly bred since Manchurian miniature water buffalo horns, which are highly prized, can still sometimes be found in Chinese markets throughout the world. These horns should not be confused with the flowering leaves of the Ling Jiao water chestnut, also sold in many Chinese markets, although the two are, in fact, identical. The sale of Manchurian miniature water buffalo horns in a Canadian store was reported by Maureen O'Dea in the Victoria Star in October 1988. Her report caused much outrage among animal-rights activists and launched an effort to ban the sale of its horns.

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Horns like chestnut leaves
From miniature buffalo
A few inches tall
Posted by J  on  Mon Oct 02, 2006  at  11:34 AM
47 years
is a long time a garden
for a buffalo
Posted by P  on  Fri Oct 27, 2006  at  12:28 PM
valuable concept. Given report caused a great deal indignation in the middle of animal-rights activist and launch an endeavor to ban the auction of its horns. Thanks!
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