imageThe abbagoochie (pronounced abba-GOO-cheez) is a fierce little creature resembling a cross between an owl, a fox, and a deer. It is indigenous to Costa Rica, where people refer to it as a "dryland piranha" because it will eat anything, including creatures far larger than itself such as horses and cows. If cornered, an abbagoochie will consume itself "in a devilish whirlwind" rather than allow itself to be captured. They mate only once every 6 ½ years.

In 1999, in an ill-considered move, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) introduced thirteen baby Abbagoochies from Costa Rica into West Virginia in order to keep down the population of overpopulated predators such as coyotes and rattlesnakes. But soon, as reported by Jim Wilson of the Webster Echo in February 2001, the abbagoochie itself multiplied out of control and began attacking livestock. Soon after Wilson's article appeared, sightings of Abbagoochies began occurring throughout the region. Some farmers began carrying shotguns in order to protect their livestock. Concerned parents walked their kids to the schoolbus to make sure they were safe. And one man reported that he had accidentally run over an abbagoochie.

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I was pooping in a bucket in my shanty due to the fact my septic system was down. Over the bank I heard the horrible noises of the abbagoochie. I was then to scared to venture out at night to poop.
Posted by Charlie Pickens  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  02:12 PM
I was burning some brush and old tupperware that I had accumilated over the years. My little Benji type dog named Bell ran over the hill. I then heard all of this commotion coming from where bell went into the brush. Here she came running her little heart out and scared out of her wits. Behind her were 3 abbagoochies running after her. It was the most frightning thing I have ever seen on the farm. One was hot on her trail with snapping jaws, the other was wearing a Mountianneer Football jearsy and the third was carring a bucket full of poop. I will never burn brush again alone!
Posted by Gary Newbrough  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  12:32 PM
I think they were trying to cross breed with the dog to produce a litter of abbapoochies 😊
Posted by Don Joseph  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  01:21 PM
Last fall i went turkey hunting on the Waston farm in Pleasants County. I set my decoys up wind and was eating a granola bar when I caught smell of a foul odor. I became excited thinking it may be Hickman but it was an abbagoochie, covered with files and nats. It went to one of my decoys and tore it to shreads. I have never seen a critter so mean since my ex-wife.
Posted by Brian Westfall  on  Mon Jul 12, 2004  at  12:38 PM
One day while I was doing maturnity work on the farm, I heard a fierce sound coming from the other side of the barn. My prize 4-H heifer which had won state honors, had her throat ripped open. Behind her was a crittrer I had never seen before or since. It was part animal, part wolf, and part hummingbird. It came at me, but I was able with my lightning speed to get away. It was the most horrible experience of my life.
Posted by jeffrey adams  on  Mon Jul 19, 2004  at  07:21 PM
I was standing near my kitchen window peeling potatos for my prize winning potato salad to be shared with my fellow employees. When I saw two glaring eyes, and they were not potato eyes! This creature was the most evil looking critter I have ever seen. I called my friend John Hunt and descibed the abomination. He said that he saw the same thing over at his place, but there was three of them. One was dragging a Herd football jearsey, One was proudly wearing a Mountaineer football jearsey and the third had a bucket full of poop!
Posted by Teresa Satterfield  on  Tue Jul 20, 2004  at  12:41 PM
I was so worried about Teresa that I ran to the top of the ridge (I have to walk all day at work and never grow tired). At first I could not find her but Gary Newbrough appeared, "we must find the magic trail" he said. As we found the "magic trail" leading into the woods, there was Patch and T surrounded at each end of the trail by 3 abbagoochies fencing them in. John thought Gary had brought a bucket of eggs from him and Belle but at the moment Patch "the wonder dog" struck out at them, they learched as Gary raised the bucket and flung the contents at them - it was poop!!!! They ran off the magic trail scared to death for their lives.
Posted by John Hunt  on  Tue Jul 20, 2004  at  03:33 PM
Totally exhausted, Patch and I made it back inside the house. As we slowly walked through the 1st floor of the house rounding into the family room about to go up the steps, the answering machine was taking a message. It was the hysterical voice of Lyn Westbrook screaming for help! "The Abbagoochies" she wailed," How do I get them to stop???" "I escaped with my life, saved by a one legged rooster!" "The rooster ran them in circles to divert them so that I could escape, oh my, oh my who can save my rooster that guards my chickens?" "Quick" I said, "we must call Gary, Charlie, Brian, and John, they will rescue them and tell you how to scare away the abbagoochies." "Lyn, How many are there now?" "Nine, maybe more, it's all so hazy" said Lyn. "My stars, they have trippled in your woods, help is on its way and tell them to call so I will know everyone is safe". "Dear oh dear" I said under my breath, how will we all survive???????"
Posted by Teresa Satterfield  on  Tue Jul 20, 2004  at  04:18 PM
Now I wasn't a believer in Abbagoochies at first, but one fateful night I was made a believer. It was in mid Septermber, a cold September and I was out on the back porch whittling a duck for my grandsons birthday by candle light, as I liked the glow of candles, when suddenly I saw a flash of grey fur fly past my periphery.

Now I'm not one to firighten eailsy but the speed at which that creature moved scared the daylights out of me. So I took up my whittlin knife and I held it in my throwing grip, I used to throw knives at carnivals, and when I saw that critter run past again I hurled my knife.

The sound was horrible, a mix between howl and a human scream. Quickly I grabbed my gun and went off after the animal, moving as fast as my 59 year old legs could carry me. I followed a trail of sickly red and brown blood until I came to the old creak. There in the water the wounded creature was prepared to make it's final stand. I knew that I had one shot to make my kill.

Without a sound the creature rusehd me, before i was ready. I raised my gun and pulled the trigger just as he reached me and knocked over. I knew I had shot him point blank in the chest. But I must have hit my head because I woke up just as the sun began rising. I was supprised to be alive and when I came to my senses I looked for the Abbagoochies body and there was nothing there.

To this day I keep my whittled duck hiddden in my desk drawer as a reminder of that night. I whittled something else for my grandson something with grey fur that could move like the wind. --THE END
Posted by David  on  Fri Dec 09, 2005  at  07:48 PM
abba goochi whatever?
predator extraordinare
nail biter of note.
Posted by #1F  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  06:20 PM
A hoax news story
tells of loose abbagoochie
Virginians panic
Posted by J  on  Sat Nov 25, 2006  at  01:15 AM
#1F,you're haiku doesn't fit!

You're haiku is wrong
First line is seven syllables
It should have been five
Posted by J  on  Tue Dec 05, 2006  at  08:58 AM
eating crow not fun
not even for #1
oops! J is wrong, too!
Posted by #1F  on  Tue Dec 05, 2006  at  08:41 PM
Abba Goochi eats
anything, no matter what
Want some fries with that?
Posted by #1F  on  Tue Dec 05, 2006  at  08:48 PM
That should be

You're haiku is wrong
First line seven syllables
It should have been five
Posted by J  on  Sat Dec 09, 2006  at  01:38 AM
Rougue abbagoochie
hiding in the fields at night
Or just a rumour?
Posted by J  on  Sat Apr 07, 2007  at  04:26 AM
Abbagoochie is
A little terror hailing
From Costa Rica
Posted by Beorn  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  12:41 PM
During High School, a stray abbagoochie attacked livestock and killed several dogs. Abbreviated the poor poochies' lives, severing their limbs and ripping their poor mutilated bodies to shreds.
Posted by The Ventriloquist  on  Wed Nov 21, 2007  at  01:24 AM
that thing is wayyyyy ulgy.
but its so cool looking!
i wouldn't be to happy to come face to face with one of them though..
Posted by Jennifer  on  Thu Dec 13, 2007  at  02:59 PM
Jim Wilson only said it was a hoax so people didn't get worried.
Posted by Charlie Barnes  on  Sun Jan 13, 2008  at  07:05 PM
it looks like some sci-fi shit to me.
i didnt know they were real til i read this!
Posted by frankie.  on  Mon Feb 04, 2008  at  02:31 AM
Now my story was alost fatil. Becasue one noon day me and my family was out on the deck for my 3 year old sons birth-day party. When my husband said the burgers were burning! So I ran over toward them to take them off becasue he was busy. When all of a sudden I heard a scream of a little girl. I then suddenly ran around the house to were the noise came from and seen ny 6 year old niece Jacelynn curled up in the corner/crease of my house. And there sitting there snapping at here was an adault abbagoochie. But she knew to to pertect herself so she kicked at it to keep it away! I then yelled for some help trying to ht it with a stick that I had picked up off the grounf. My husband then came and totaly took control over the situation! The abbagoochie ran off so very fast and Jacelynn was not injured. SHe had said that she was just sitting on the ground playing with her polly pocket dolls whe nshe thought that she heard our dog Buttons so she started to yell for her then out of the bushes walked an abbagoochie it then seen her and ran toward her. I am so thankful we me and my husband were out there to save her from that mean and ferousous abbagoochie!
Posted by Allison  on  Sat Mar 15, 2008  at  07:57 PM
Alright, I'm new to the haiku thing... *clears throat*

Haikus are stupid.

There we go, one line's all you need if you're blessed with true genius 😛
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Apr 03, 2008  at  08:29 AM
HA! Here's a good one

New immigrant here.
Costa Rican owl-deer-fox.
Eating your puppies.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Apr 03, 2008  at  08:31 AM
Abbagoochie?? Wtf?? I am from Costa Rica and have never heard about this (obvious) hoax.
Posted by Andres  on  Sat Jul 12, 2008  at  11:42 AM
It would be insane to introduce a voracious predator from a different habitat into a new one where it doesn't belong. I'm quite certain that WN Wildlife Services knows this.
Posted by Uh-huh  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  04:16 AM
I'm Costarrican, and I've never heard of dry-land pihrannas... I should also note that we don't have piranhas in Costa Rica...
And Abagoochie doesn't sound like an Spanish made up word...

I just never heard of a hoax related to Costa Rica, so I thought it was funny... completely non-researched though.

They may as well named it Osocaballo, which is a real animal (anteater) but whose caracteristics are remotely similar

Damn those Virginians...
Posted by lau  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  05:03 PM
i kill ed one with a bucket of dung by hitting him with a football
Posted by keegman  on  Sun Jan 11, 2009  at  03:48 PM
If you have not checked on the status of the Abbagoochie recently, you really should do so...ASAP!
Posted by Moose  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  04:18 AM
Go to
Posted by Moose  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  04:21 AM
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