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Viagra For Hamsters -- April Fool's Day, 2000
The Independent reported that Florida researchers had developed a Viagra-like pill to treat sexually frustrated pets, including hamsters. Veterinarians were said to have greeted the news with derision, but the article pointed out that there are few things as sad as a pet suffering from feelings of sexual inadequacy, noting that "It's not unknown for a guinea pig to sit in its cage thinking, 'I haven't had sex for months. Am I so unattractive?'"

Owners were instructed to grind the pills up and sprinkle them in the pet's food. Laying some newspaper down on the floor once the pills began to take effect was also advised. The pills were to be marketed under the brand name Feralmone.

April Fool Categories: Animals, Sex, Newspapers, United Kingdom, 2000.
I can just imagine, since they DO have prozac and other antidepressants for pets (neurotic couch-chewing dogs with separation anxiety come to mind), that viagra would not be far behind. I can imagine dog breeders thinking they need it as "insurance" just in case "Rover" doesn't get as into "Fifi" as they would like. I can also imagine some old lady being disappointed because her shih-tsu has quit humping her leg, so now he mustn't love her anymore! Mark my words, this will happen in the future FOR REAL! (But I doubt it will be hamsters).
Posted by morgan  on  Wed Apr 13, 2005  at  02:05 PM
I bet my guinea pig would like this. She's the only guinea pig she's known since we got her raspberry
Posted by Dominique  in  Somewhere over the Rainbow  on  Thu Apr 20, 2006  at  07:39 PM
that's pretty pathetic. just the name alone should have given it away.. Feralmone? come on..
Posted by arron  on  Sun Jun 04, 2006  at  04:00 PM
Hey Anon, YOU'RE pretty pathetic! Whoa now, put that hamster down and pull your pants up!
Posted by Attila  in  the desert  on  Mon Apr 02, 2007  at  05:29 AM
An extenuating factor is that the company that makes Viagra (Pfizer) is also a major supplier of pet medication so it could happen... (ok, maybe not)
Posted by Scott  on  Mon Mar 31, 2008  at  05:08 PM
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