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Left-Handed Sandwich -- April Fool's Day, 2010
UK bakery chain Sayers announced the launch of a new "left-handed sandwich" designed to fit more comfortably in the left hand and result in fewer embarrassing "spills."

All the ingredients in the left-handed sandwich had been rotated 180 degrees in order to redistribute the weight of the sandwich, so that the bulk of them skewed to the left. The packaging was also altered so that the door opened to the left.

The first variety to come in left-handed form would be the Cheese Ploughman sandwich.

The company's Head Sandwich maker said: "We have been baking delicious breads, cakes and pies for over 100 years and are always looking at extra ways to make our customer's day better. Being left handed myself I am only too aware of the pitfalls of living in a right handed world. Depending on how well the left-handed sandwich goes down we may look at mirroring this across our whole range and producing left-handed doughnuts." [The Bolton News]

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