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ICA Glasses    (April Fool's Day - 2014)

Swedish food retailer ICA debuted ICA Glasses designed to create an entirely new shopping experience. The glasses could point out deals and items on your shopping list. But they went further, guaranteeing a healthy lifestyle by activating an alarm whenever a "caloric violation" was detected. And they could even control the brain's impulses, positively modifying desires for food and shopping.

Translation (by Olle Hagman)
With new technology comes new opportunities. Say hello to the "ICA glasses", spectacles that makes your life easier.
"Purchase registered".
And gives you a whole new shopping experience. ICA glasses has an intuitive interface that gives you culinary inspiration. Easily controlled by your eye movements, which facilitates your store visit.
"Assistance Requested".
"How can I help you?"
ICA glasses will also help you in your home.
"Added to shopping list".
You will never miss a nice offer.
"May I recommend, Easter Must (“påskmust”), only 7 kronor (≈ 1 dollar)!"
"What a great deal!"
ICA glasses guarantee you a healthy lifestyle.
"Caloric Violation! Risk of overweight!"
With unique technology ICA glasses controls your brain's impulses.
"Now, I became increasingly hungry for these affordable flakes."
"Can’t we shop at ICA every day?"
"Yes, we can!"
Join the ICA family.
"This is the ICA glasses".

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