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Floof Day -- April Fool's Day, 1968
Students at North Carolina's Kings Mountain High School continued their tradition of celebrating "Floof Day" on April 1st:

"On this day, both students and faculty members dress in such a wild and different manner that it doesn't even come close to everyday school attire...
On this particular morning, one might see Merlin the Magician, a skin diver, or even Julius Caesar making his way toward the high school...
Girls in Bermudas, Shirley Temple get-ups, and boys as farmers, ministers, and hippies mingle with the rest of the students to discuss which teacher has the most 'way-out' outfit."

The photo shows students Reid Horton and Morris Patton posing in the outfits they planned to wear. [Gastonia Gazette - Mar 30, 1968]

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