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April Fool Street Pranks    (April Fool's Day - 1921)

An April Fool photo essay, detailing the street pranks of an imaginary group of boys, was distributed by wire services and ran in many American papers:

"When Dad got up this morning, Dad went into Willie's room and said, "How did you tear your new pants?" And Willie looked and protested he hadn't torn — "April Fool!" said Dad.

Willie and all his friends set out to get even with the world before night, and —

Tommy strung a string across the sidewalk and knocked off his uncle's hat.
Jack tricked his big brother into kicking a hat which concealed a brick.
Freddie hung a sign on the coat tail of the grocer.
Harry worked the pocketbook trick at least 21 times.
And the whole gang —
But all good things must end. So beware lest when "April Fool's past" you'll be "the biggest fool at last."

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