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#6: Human-Ape Hybrid
For decades dark rumors circulated alleging that the Soviets had conducted experiments to try to create a human-ape hybrid by breeding chimpanzees and humans, but it wasn't until the collapse of the Soviet Union and the opening of Russian archives that the rumors were confirmed.

Dr. Il'ya Ivanov was a world-renowned expert on veterinary reproductive biology, but he wanted to do more in life than breed fatter cows. So in 1927 he traveled to Africa to pursue his vision of interbreeding man and ape.

Thankfully his efforts weren't successful. To a great degree this was due to the native staff of the West Guinea research facility where he worked, from whom he constantly had to conceal the true purpose of his experiments. If they had found out what he was really doing, he wrote in his diary, "this could have led to very unpleasant consequences." The necessity of carrying out his work in secrecy made it almost impossible to do anything, although he did record two unsuccessful attempts to artificially inseminate female chimpanzees with human sperm.

Frustrated, Ivanov eventually returned to the Soviet Union. He brought an orangutan named Tarzan back with him, hoping to continue his research in a more accepting environment. Back home he advertised for female volunteers willing to carry Tarzan's child, and remarkably he got a few takers. But then Tarzan died and Ivanov himself was sent off to a prison camp for a couple of years. This ended his research. There are vague rumors suggesting that other Soviet scientists continued Ivanov's work, but nothing definite has been proven.

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ive been checkin different post and reading post like these i reached a conclusion:

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Posted by orgullosodenosergringo  in  nottheusa  on  Wed Sep 24, 2008  at  04:07 PM
In the event that Global Warming results in climatic conditions become increasingly difficult for Homo Sapiens to support,what are the possibilities that Human /ape genetic modifications could produce a more readily adaptable mutation?
Posted by L N Wells  in  France  on  Sat Oct 11, 2008  at  03:39 AM
I thought since Humans and Apes have different number of chromosomes, it is biologically impossible for us to reproduce... ?
Posted by Mong  in  Sydney, Australia  on  Thu Apr 08, 2010  at  01:26 AM
Attn.Mr {?}Jacob Johnson
I hope your next shit's an umbrella ,and it comes down up!!!!
Posted by Louis  in  France  on  Mon May 03, 2010  at  04:38 AM
look around, americans, about half of the u.s. population is ape/human hybrid. . . . they go by the name "republican."
Posted by FluffyNipper  on  Mon Mar 28, 2011  at  01:01 PM
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