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Birboon, Schnowlzer, Laughing Hamstyna, etc.

California artist Sarah Derememer creates hybrid animals, such as the "birboon" (a cross between a baboon and a sparrow) as a way to improve her photoshop skills. []

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Alex from Target: hoax or the real deal?

"Alex from Target" is the latest instant celebrity of the Internet age. He's a teenager who works at Target in Texas, and his real name is Alex LaBeouf. It's not entirely clear who took his picture as he was bagging groceries at Target, but a week ago a teen girl in London (Twitter user @auscalum) shared his picture on Twitter, captioning it, "YOOOOOOOOOO." Viral fame soon followed, because millions of other teen girls apparently couldn't get enough of how adorable Alex from Target was. But was Alex's cuteness the only reason for his sudden fame? Maybe not. Soon after Alex became…

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Smoke Pareidolia

A face was seen in a plume of smoke above a burning building in Fresno, CA. The face was said to have appeared just as someone was being saved from the building. Therefore, one eyewitness concluded that the face must be that of Jesus Christ. []

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Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe Redux?

While dining at the Bobby Flay Steak restaurant in Atlantic City, Joe Lentini said he ordered a bottle of Screaming Eagle Oakville 2011, at the recommendation of the waitress, who told him it cost "thirty-seven fifty." He was surprised when this turned out to be $3,750, not $37.50. After he complained the bill was lowered to $2,200. [NY Mag]

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Another one for the ‘Bad Excuses’ file

When pulled over by a cop, this Florida motorist identified herself as Christina Topp, age 22. When the cop questioned why she really didn't look 22, the woman explained that she had a "medical condition that makes her age faster." But when the cop pulled up Christina Topp's driver's license photo and found that the motorist looked nothing like it, the woman admitted she had lied. She was trying to pretend to be her daughter because her own license had been suspended. Her actual age was 43. [Smoking Gun]

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Rat Myth

According to myth, there's a 1:1 ratio of rats to people living in New York City. But Columbia University researcher Jonathan Auerbach determined that there's actually only 1 rat for every 4 people. []

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Fake fakes

Cordy's auction house thought they were selling two fake Monets painted by famous art forger Elmyr de Hory. But actually they were fake De Hory's painted by a London bookmaker, Ken Talbot. Now the two paintings are going up for sale again as "Fakes of fake Claude Monet." [NZ Herald]

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Gay serum rumor

Politics are getting ugly in Burnaby, British Columbia. A rumor has been circulating alleging that, if reelected, the party backing the current mayor (pictured) intends to inject children with a "gay serum" that will make them homosexual. The rumor appears to have been inspired by the fact that in 2011 the Burnaby School District adopted a policy to combat homophobia. [Yahoo! News Canada]

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Minge Pies?

An image circulating on social media appeared to show a box of mince pies, made by the frozen food chain Iceland (which is a UK company, not an Icelandic one), whose packaging featured an unfortunate spelling error (or perhaps an unfortunately stylized font), offering "Minge Pies" instead of "Mince Pies." Minge is British slang for a woman's genitals. The photo trended with the hashtag #mingepies. The picture elicited comments from Twitter users such as: "Something about Iceland's mince pies doesn't look quite right." "Oh Iceland... you really should have used a different font."

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Real video, fake story

The sex tape "sweeping the internet" that allegedly shows a 26 (or 35)-year-old teacher sleeping with a 16-year-old student actually shows a fling between a woman (who's not a teacher) and an adult college student. It's not clear how the fake story got attached to the video, but the story definitely boosted the video's popularity. []

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Jackalope in the news!

The Smithsonian discovers that it owns an actual jackalope. (Actually, it was a rabbit infected by Shope papilloma virus.) [Smithsonian Science]

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Make the bad music stop!

No, Bill Gates didn't offer a "young thug" $9 Million to stop making music. It's another fake news story. This time from [David Emery]

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Scrutinizing Champ

Scott Mardis analyzes Dennis Hall's Alleged 'Champ' Video Evidence. [Bizarre Zoology]

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Technology vs. Bigfoot

Monster hunters newly outfitted with cameras, drones and night-vision goggles are hot on the trail of crypto-creatures. Will all this new technology help catch Bigfoot? (Well, no amount of gadgets can conjure up something that isn't there, but the monster hunters are certainly having fun with all the new toys.) []

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No lies in the future?

New technology promises to turn smartphones into lie detectors, so that we'll always know when people are lying to us. (But how reliable will this technology really be?) [Wash Post]

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