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Moore’s Beach Monster

In the summer of 1925, the carcass of a large ocean creature washed up onto Moore's Beach in the California town of Santa Cruz. The creature had a strange duck-like head and what looked like a long neck. Interest in the carcass grew when it was examined on the beach by one E.L. Wallace, who described himself as the president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia, and he declared that it was the remains of a plesiosaur — a species long extinct. more…

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Giant Eel

A pair of videos that seemed to show a giant "human sized eel" in New Zealand's Manawatu River went viral in the past week. It caught the attention of a viral video show, Right This Minute, who contacted the two young men (brothers Tim and Ray Hamilton) who filmed the footage and asked them for the right to air it on TV. At which point, Tim and Ray confessed that the footage was fake. They had filmed the eel in a bathtub and then composited that footage with shots of the river and Ray throwing bread at the imaginary eel.

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Edgar Allan Poe Gum Mark

Redditor "famousmess" posted an image to the pareidolia subreddit, showing a gum mark he saw on the floor of the subway that looks like Edgar Allan Poe. What subway, I don't know. He concedes it's possible that it might be stencil art. However, he notes that, "it's real small and the same general size of the other gums... I know some street artists and showed them, consensus is gum but who knows. It would be a silly spot and size to get noticed."

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