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View Water As Fuel

Water is abundant and cheap (especially saltwater). Therefore, it has long been the focus of inventors searching for ways to use it as fuel. Below, in reverse chronological order, is a list of some of those who have claimed to have unlocked the mystery of how to use water as fuel.

John Kanzius

John Kanzius claimed to have discovered a way to make saltwater burn using radiowaves. He suggested that this discovery could one day be used to power an automobile engine. He explained that he stumbled upon the phenomenon of burning saltwater accidentally, in the course of searching for a cure for cancer. He was experimenting with the theory that he could inject tiny amounts of metal, such as gold, into cancer patients. The metal would be attracted to cancer cells, and he could then use radio waves to heat up the metal and destroy the cancer cells. While researching this process, he then discovered that these same radio waves would also heat saltwater and make it burn. He has yet to publicly reveal the exact mechanism by which to make saltwater burn.

Guido Franch

1973: Franch demonstrated a powder that, when mixed with water, would produce automobile fuel. However, he demanded an exorbitantly high price to reveal his secret, and no one ever made him an offer. Franch explained that he himself did not discover the mystery powder. Instead, the secret came from spacemen from the planet Neptune called the “Black Eagles.”

John Andrews

1917: John Andrews produces a green powder that, so he claimed, could be mixed with water to produce a fuel that would run an automobile engine. He demonstrated this to the U.S. Navy, but the Navy opted not to fund his idea. Andrews was murdered in 1937 and the papers detailing his discovery were stolen from his home.