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View Paris Hilton Hoaxes

Type: Heiress-themed Hoaxes.
Summary: Paris Hilton has played a starring role in numerous hoaxes.

Paris Hilton. Mugshot taken June, 2007 when she was booked into a Los Angeles jail.
Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton is not known for perpetrating hoaxes. However, much like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Adolf Hitler, she has proven to be a highly popular subject for hoaxers. In fact, she has easily featured in more hoaxes than any other modern celebrity.

Why is she such a favorite subject of hoaxes? Partially because she is an easy target. The media will print almost any story about Hilton. Therefore, hoaxes featuring her are almost guaranteed to attract attention.

But also, her critics say, because she is a deserving subject. Hilton was born into wealth, and achieved fame largely because of her money and love of partying. Her rise to celebrity status was facilitated in late 2003 by a leaked home-made sex video starring her and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. She is widely perceived to be a person who is famous merely for being famous, and she has chosen to do little with her fame except continue to party and promote herself further. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, she is a symbol of a shallow, celebrity-obsessed, consumer culture. The satirical attacks directed against her are, in a broader sense, attacks upon this culture.

Hoaxes involving Paris Hilton

Savior of drunken elephants

November, 2007: News outlets, including the Associated Press, reported that Paris Hilton had decided to raise awareness of the problem of binge-drinking elephants rampaging in northeast India. Supposedly Hilton became aware of an incident in which six wild elephants broke into a farm in Meghalaya, discovered and drank a supply of homemade rice beer, and electrocuted themselves by pushing over a utility pole. Hilton was quoted as saying, “There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn