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View Paris Hilton Death Hoax

Mike Burke’s fake CNN page alleging the death of Paris Hilton
In June 2007 several websites separately posted stories claiming that celebrity heiress Paris Hilton had died while in jail. These stories soon began to circulate by email as well. It was true that Hilton was in jail. She was doing time in the Los Angeles Twin Towers Correctional Facility for violating her probation on an alcohol-related reckless driving charge. However, she was not dead.

One of these death hoaxes was perpetrated by a man named Mike Burke. He later explained his motive on his myspace blog: “On Friday after hearing the Paris Hilton news in regards to her going to jail, I decided to make this fake website to express my feelings about it being front page material.”

On his website, Burke alleged that Hilton had been stabbed while in jail. He disguised this false claim to look like a story from His faux news release read: 

Paris Hilton Stabbed Multiple Times
Disgruntled inmate said to have stabbed the Hieress out of anger.

LOS ANGELES, CA Paris Hilton who not more than four hours earlier was physically removed from a courtroom, has been stabbed multiple times.

Although no official statement has been released, unnamed sources from within the Lynwood medical ward tell CNN that Paris received two wounds to the chest, one to the back, one to the throat and three to the abdomen. Although her condition has been stabilized, surgeons are pessimistic about a full recovery. Their main concern being that the puncture to her back may have severely damaged her spinal cord.

This all comes only hours after Paris was dragged back to a Lynwood jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence. The woman in custody for the stabbing claims that she was being verbally assaulted by the heiress. The weapon used in the stabbing was a shank made from grinded down metal ruler.